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Are you also getting this message in Pending for DPR Resolution status after checking the status on UTI website, then below are some steps for how you can fix it.

Verification pending for dpr resolution, which is an error, you can get to see both in the new PAN card and in the PAN correction form, if someone applies for a new PAN card, the Verification pending for dpr resolution status is being seen, then someone can get the PAN correction The form is available on applying, but you do not need to panic now, we have brought the solution for you, see below to know more

How to check pan card status with coupon no

To check PAN card status so that you will know what status is showing on your PAN card application at the present time, follow the steps given below to check PAN card status by coupon number.

Click on CLICK HERE button to check PAN Card Status by Coupon Number.

The website will open in front of you, now you will find Select the platform of PAN written in the first section, select the option of PAN Application of UTIITSL in it.

Enter your Coupon Number or Token Number or Application Number below and date of birth below it 01-01-2022 In this format – Using Symbol then click on View Status button

Then you get to see the status in front of you, where it is told that what is the object on your form, so that you can get something done accordingly.

Pending Verification for DPR Resolution in New Pan Card Showing this Status

If you had applied for your new PAN card and you have got this objection, then how can you fix it, for this some steps are given below, follow carefully.

When you apply for a new PAN card and after checking the status after a few days, you get to see the VERIFICATION PENDING FOR DPR RESOLUTION objection.

When you show objection pending for DPR Resolution on your PAN card application, a letter is sent to you after a few days at your home, the sample letter is given below, if you have not received any letter then you can contact your admin or UTIITSL can mail, she will send that letter to your e-mail.

When you have this form then how do you fill this form, and what are the details to be checked.

A letter is being shown in front of you for a DPR, which is a sample, in this you will get to see the name and address of the applicant on the left side in your letter, in the top left, a little above you in the bottom. The address that the PAN card is registered in your name and which address is updated on that PAN card will be told, this is told so that you can confirm that the PAN card about which the company is claiming to be your PAN card. Whether it is really yours or not, please the address which is being mentioned above is telling the address which was given in your PAN form, and the address given below is the address which is given in the PAN card. Matching as per your PAN application data

And in the subject section, you are told the PAN card application number, so that you can confirm that this PAN form has such an objection, in the body section below the subject, you will be told a PAN card, as well as on how much date that PAN card The number was issued, it will also be told, now you have to know whether you had applied for your PAN card somewhere around that date, or sent a copy of your Aadhar card to someone and he/she has PAN card after a few months. You may have applied for PAN card but never came to you. , you have to check accordingly.

Let’s assume that it is not ours or it is, but how did it come to know that it is our own PAN card, on what basis it is saying that this PAN card is ours, you can write a letter below the subject in the body section. The table is being written in it As per Application And As per ITD Database and you can see that both the place name and father’s name and date of birth will be 90% same, that’s why he is saying that you already have PAN card. Has happened.

You must also be thinking that when PAN card was already made in our name, then why not tell while applying PAN that we have already made PAN card, so that we do not apply for new PAN card and we do not apply for it. There is a reason behind this, that the PAN card that the company is claiming to be yours, that PAN card number is not linked to your Aadhar card, so the company could not tell earlier, but that Aadhar is not linked to any PAN card. If the link was there, she would have immediately told you that this PAN card is already made from Aadhaar, but in this case it has happened that in this your name and father’s name and date of birth are on the Aadhaar card.

What should you do now if you have a PAN card or you do not have it, to answer this, you are being asked to fill something in the last page of the letter you were talking about now, you can see Is.

You will get to see such forms in front of you, now you have to give confirmation that what is your case, for example, in our case, the number given to us on this PAN card is not ours, we are saying that because the PAN card issued Went that year we did not give PAN card to anyone to apply, the second thing has been, the PAN card number which is being told in the body section below, the address mentioned there does not match with our home address. Also, we never lived at that address, so the last option we have is No, the details appearing in ITD Database does not belong to me. Kindly allot me a new PAN, you can correct it accordingly.

In the signature of the applicant, whose PAN card is being made, only two things have to be done in this letter, the first is to explain the letter well and check whether the PAN number that is being told is his or someone else’s. Which is wrongly matched with our name, second is to give confirmation whether this PAN card is yours or not and to sign, then you have to mail or courier to UTIITSL, first you have to mail, if you reply by mail If not match then you can courier, you will have to contact this [email protected]

After filling this letter on email, you will have to write in the online mail whether this PAN card is ours or not, the team will have to explain it in detail, then it will clear the objection from your PAN form.

Now we know that there are three options in the letter.

The address mentioned above belonged to me and I have shifted to the new address mentioned in the application. The complete old address, Synopsis of which is given above, is as under:

But few years ago we have vacated that house, and live at new address which is given in PAN application form, now all our documents are according to new address, there is no document from old address, that means to say That the address given in this is related to us, the address given below in this is the old home address and the PAN card was also made from the same address which is filled in the PAN form, that is the new home address, if you have such a case. If yes then you can tick it


The details appearing in ITD Database pertain to me & I confirm the changes Documents enclosed in support of change, are as under:

It means that the number mentioned in this PAN card is mine, which is my voter card many years back. Aadhar card did not work then, for this PAN card, I have Aadhar card and voter card for proof, so tick this line and enter the name of the below document which you have for proof, so that you Can claim that it is your own PAN card


No, the details appearing in ITD Database does not belong to me. Kindly allot me a new PAN

It means that the PAN card number mentioned in the letter is not mine, I have confirmed it, please issue me a new PAN card, so tick the box which is in this line, something below Write the message that it is not mine, I have found out well


Pending Verification for DPR Resolution in Pan Card Correction Form Showing this Status

If you had filled the PAN card correction form, then you are getting to see this object, then you would know that you have two PAN cards, how can a person have two PAN cards, let’s say one PAN card, we have from voter card. No matter how it is made, now that PAN card is lost, we have again made a new PAN card, it has been created with Aadhar card, but the PAN card that was created from Aadhar card is the data in my PAN card already. The data of the PAN card which was made from the voter card matches with the PAN card made from my Aadhar card, then you get to see this objection, in this the company says that this person has more than one PAN card, now There is only one solution to this problem, the PAN card that you want to keep, let it remain with you, what you want to surrender, you should surrender the PAN card by going to the Income Tax office of your district, when your PAN card will be surrendered. You will receive a surrender letter from the Income Tax Office in which your PAN card has been surrendered, then you will have to mail that letter to UTIITSL on this [email protected]. Will have to run, after mailing your PAN card will be processed and your PAN card will come home after correction,


We have not received the above DPR resolution letter, is it needed, if new pan card is required, if there is a case of pan correction then it is not required, in case of pan correction you need a surrender letter , that letter is received after you surrender the pan, then that letter has to be mailed to utiitsl then your objection is clear

If you want to know how many PAN cards you have in total by Aadhaar number or application number, then you can contact our team, we are ready to help you completely.

I hope that if you have read your article completely then you must have got the answer to your question, if you have got help then please type Thank You in the comment below, if you have any doubt then you can tell your problem.

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