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11 Mention other Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) inadvertently allotted to you

11 Mention other Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) inadvertently allotted to you : When we fill PAN card correction form online or offline you The number 11 mentioned was allotted reverse on the Permanent Account Number so that you get to see the option, So what does it mean, which PAN number should be given in it, what happens if PAN number is not entered, what happens if you do.

Whether inadvertently mentioning Permanent Account Number in the PAN allotted to you option Submit the PAN Card Correction Form by entering the PAN Number, but whether our PAN Card is surrendered or not, If this PAN card does not surrender, then why this option comes in PAN card correction, What is the use of this, today we are going to talk about all the topics.

Why is the option of Mention other Permanent Account Numbers (PANs) inadvertently allotted to you?

When we fill the PAN card correction form offline or online we see an option on number 11 “Inadvertently mention the Permanent Account Number PAN allotted to you” We have many doubts about that, and we don’t know whether this means how to use it, today we are going to tell you, when we have to do any pan card correction then we have to fill the pan card correction form, in this case we have to make correction in pan card number.

We enter that PAN number above, then there is an option of “mention PAN inadvertently allotted Permanent Account Number to you” of number 11 below, what to enter in that, we would like to tell you that option For those people who have more than one PAN card, so that the concerned department can come to know that this person has more than one PAN card, so that he can send your PAN card after taking necessary action. You can do the shutdown.


Mention the permanent account number which PAN card number to enter in the PANs inadvertently allotted to you?

If you have only one PAN card number then you should not enter a single PAN number in the number 11 option, leave this option blank and proceed, this is for those who have double PAN card, if you have single If you have PAN card number then you can leave it blank. No problem will come.

I have two pan card but i know only one pan card number what to do?

If you had a double pan card but now you have only one pan card, the second pan card is lost, you do not have any proof of that, then what should you do, if I had a double pan card and I Filling the PAN Card Correction Ka Form with Single PAN Card Number and not entering the 11 number option in the second PAN Card number, if I submit the form with only one PAN Card number, then after a few days I get a check on the PAN card status. Objection would have been seen, that status would mean that you have double PAN card, so you have to surrender one PAN card, then your PAN card will be processed. (Further process will happen) Otherwise your PAN card will never be updated and it will always remain on Objection.

“Mention the permanent account number(pans) inadvertently allotted to you” Will the PAN card be closed by entering the PAN card number ?

No, your PAN card will not surrender, if you are thinking that if I enter PAN card as Surrender in number 11 option of PAN card form then my PAN card will be closed, this is your misconception, some of this No it will only waste your time and your money, so why this option is given, what does it do, we have come to know that it is for those people who have double pan card and those who have surrendered There is only one PAN card, but their PAN card surrender details have not been updated completely yet, there is a lot of space left to be updated, so in such a situation, you can upload the surrender letter along with the PDF of the PAN card correction form, so that NSDL or UTIITSL should not object to your PAN correction form and your PAN card can be easily rectified.

If you have two PAN cards, none of your PAN cards have been cancelled, then you submit the PAN card correction form, then while checking the form, there is an objection to your PAN form, in which you see That is, the NOC of your second PAN card which is also called Surrender Letter as well as Cancellation Letter. What is asked of you, which you have to mail online to NSDL or UTIITSL department, only then your PAN card is processed further.

If a person has already surrendered his/her PAN card but has Cancellation or Surrender Letter, then while filling the PAN card correction form, he/she will have to enter the second PAN card number in the number 11 option, if it is online PAN card. On checking the status says inactive, then that PAN card will be processed further, if there is any objection on your PAN card, and also your PAN card has been surrendered. But you don’t have surrender letter then you have to fill PAN card correction form again, then that objection will not come again, when they check other PAN card number then they will see that PAN card inactive which your PAN card will be processed further. goes.

You don’t have Give up Letter, then you should fill the Dish card revision structure once more, then that complaint won’t return once more, why when they check the subsequent Container card number then they will get to see that Skillet card Latent which your Skillet card gets additionally handled.

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