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How to Fill Long Name in PAN Application Form

Yadi aap bhi New ya Correction ka pan form bhar rahe hai aur aapako pata nahin hai first name, middle name, last/surname mein kya enter kare, Yadi Applicant ka naam long hai to usako kaise bhare pan form mein aur agar aavedak ka singal naam hai to last name or surname mein kya darj kare applicant ka naam kaise darj kare full process jaane.

How to fill long name in pan application form

If the applicant’s name is long, then you have to enter which name in the PAN form with the help of the tools given below, which site should you apply from, will suggest you

Step 1: Open any browser in your system and click on the given link.

Step 2: Then you will get to see this in front of you, this tool tells you, what name should be entered in the PAN form in the first name, middle name, last name of the applicant.

Step 3: Enter the name of the applicant in the PAN Holder Name, which you want on the PAN card, then click on the Check Now button.

Step 4: Then you will get to see something like this, Applicant Full Name which he has entered, if there is any short name in the name, it will also be told, and it will auto share in First Name, Middle Name Surname, which will make it easy for you in which colom what name to enter

If there is any such word in your name which is not according to the rule of ITD, then in front of that name, you will get to see Accept written next to the valid name which will be Declined, as well as which short name is valid [ In this you have (Y)] Which Invalid [ In this (N)] also tells you, Y means Yes, N means No, If your name is such that it is not possible to apply from NSDL or UTI then from which site should you apply that too tells

In this way, you can fill the name in the new PAN form, by doing this you can avoid filling the wrong name.

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