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When you have more than one PAN card, then you get to see this objection, but the objection with OBJECTION (PPC) comes when you are making corrections in such PAN card which is not linked to any Aadhar card,

If the customer’s Aadhar card is linked to the PAN card number, if you do not rectify the PAN card in which Aadhar card is not linked, then you get to see the same object of OBJECTION (PPC).

In short words, if you do not amend the PAN card which is linked to Aadhar card, and make corrections in your old PAN card which is not linked to Aadhar card, then you get to see the object of PPC.

Now how can you fix this objection because the objection is not being shown in the PAN card agent ID from where you can resubmit the form, now how to clear the objection

Right now you do not need to open PAN Card Agent ID to clear PPC Objection, it will not be from any agent account, you have to mail to the department to clear the objection,

Which department you have to mail now, like you know If our PAN card has been applied by UTIITSL company, then we

What needs to be mentioned in the mail and what has to be uploaded, while mailing, this objection has come because we have more than one PAN card,

So we have to keep one PAN card with us which we are going to use, which will be used for the rest. There is a PAN card which is of no use to anyone, you will have to surrender them.

PAN card surrender will be online or offline. At present, there is no online PAN card surrender from any website, so we have to surrender through offline process only, for this we have to go to the Income Tax office of our district to surrender by offline process. If you want to know how to surrender PAN card, click on CLICK HERE button.



Sending eMail Address : [email protected]

Subject : Regarding PAN card cancellation OBJECTION (PPC) Solution

Body : –

Dear Team,
                   We had applied for one PAN card amendment, at that time we did not know that we have more than one PAN card, so we have surrendered one PAN card out of two PAN cards, its surrender letter is attached below. Also, the PAN card that I have to keep with me has also been mentioned below, so please clear this PPC objection as soon as possible,
                        Thank you
Continue PAN Number : AAAAA******A
Surrendered PAN Number : BBBBB******B
Mobile Number : +91-9*********9

Attach Surrender Letter PDF in Mail.

Like we have mentioned above to send the sample by entering the mail, you have to prepare something similar, and edit the mail according to you and mail it to UTIITSL,

Nothing by mailing with surrender letter without surrender letter So send the surrender letter if you want to clear the PPC Objection, then your objection will be cleared if you follow the steps given by us.

If you have only one PAN card, which other PAN card is there, you do not know and you are not getting to know from anywhere, then you can contact our team to find out your PAN number.

Hope you have got the answers to all the questions, if you have read your article well from beginning to end, then still there is some doubt, then you can comment below, if needed, you can contact our team.

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