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How to Solve Payment Details not found for this PAN Error

Payment Details not found for this PAN.

If you also click on the submit button after entering your Aadhaar and PAN card number, then you get to see an error like Payment Details not found for this PAN. One gets to see the error, today we are going to know how you can fix this error.

As we are getting Payment Details not found for this PAN error on linking our Aadhaar and PAN card, the solution to this problem is explained below.


When does the Payment Details not found for this PAN error come?

When our PAN card is not linked with Aadhaar card, and when we try to link, we get this error, this error is coming because now you have to link PAN and Aadhaar card. 1000/- will have to be paid, when you don’t get the challan of 1000 rupees deducted, without depositing the challan, you try to link, then you get to see the same error.

If you have not paid 1000/- on the PAN card number with which you want to link Aadhaar card number, then you will have to pay once, only after that you can link PAN Aadhaar.

How to Solve Payment Details not found for this PAN Error ?

Payment details not found for this pan after payment –

  1. If you have not submitted your challan of 1000/-, you are linking without paying, then this error is compulsory, in this case first you have to pay 1000 rupees to link PAN Aadhaar online Continue To Pay Through E- By clicking on the Pay Tax button.
  2. If you have deposited your challan, money has also been deducted from your bank account but the payment has not been updated yet, and is asking you to pay again, then you do not have to pay again, but wait for 4-5 days. Have to wait, have to check again.
  3. If you have been waiting for 4-5 days, still the payment is not updated and you get “Payment Details not found for this PAN.” If the error is coming, then you confirm once whether the payment you have made is proper payment or the money is stuck in the server somewhere.
  4. If you want to check online whether your payment is successful or not, then you can check PAN Aadhaar linking payment status online, for this you have to click on CLICK HERE button, from here you can enter PAN number and other details. You can check payment status.
  5. If you are getting PAID written in status after checking online payment status, and payment refund has not come in your bank account, and it has been more than 4-5 days, then you can write to efiling webmanager <[email protected]>, you will have to mention your problem in the mail.
  6. If you are tired of doing everything, still nothing is happening, then you can do this work and see – You must first check that when you made your payment, in that bank account That payment refund has not come till today’s date, secondly you will have to wait for 1-3 weeks, your payment will be updated, at present most of the PAN Aadhaar card payments are being verified offline, it will take more time It seems, so you have to wait for 1 month, your work will be done.
  7. When you enter the PAN Aadhaar number again after a few days and click on Continue Button, you will not get this error.
  8. If you have made your successful payment, still you will get Payment Details not found for this PAN. If the error is coming, please check whether the details of the payment challan have been made according to Minor Head (500), Major Head (21) and Amount (Rs 1000) or not, if yes then you wait for a few days, if not So you register your complaint in the Income Tax Department
  9. If your problem has not been resolved yet, you can register your complaint by clicking on this link

If you have read this article from above, then you have got the answer to your question, then something like this you Payment Details not found for this PAN. can solve this error


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