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Online Resume Making Website Name

Today we are going to talk about Resume, Resume Kaise Banaye, Mobile Me Resume Kaise Banaye You all know very well how important Resume is for us, if you are looking for any job then you should get a good Resume. You have to make, your job is done on the basis of your resume.

What is Resume?

Resume is a type of document, all your information given by you is written in the resume, such as what is your full name, your email ID, your phone number, your home address and your qualification, and what are your hobbies. If you have done a course other than your qualification, then you can also write that in the resume, apart from this,

if you have worked in any company, then you can mention all that in the resume. Whenever you apply for a job in any company, you are asked for offline only resume, they do not take documents from you, first they take resume, that’s why it is clearly written in resume, your complete resume which they need

If your information in the resume is correct, then you are selected, then later you have to submit a copy of your document, if everyone checks one document, then later they come to know that it is of no use. So their time will be wasted, will not, that’s why resume is taken, the main information which is there, it is given in it.

What is the difference between Resume and CV?

Resume and CV These two words are used interchangeably, because these two words have been taken as the same by us.

But these two words are different from each other, and both have different meaning and purpose.

CV stands for – Curriculum Vitae, which means the course of life. And in the resume, the Professional and Educational Qualification is described.

Both Resume and CV are made to search for a new job, but even before taking admission in some good universities, you are asked for a resume. Resume’s are sought in all industries.

Whereas CV is sought only in Educational, Science, Law (Law) and Medical Industries.

A resume is made up of a maximum of two pages, but a CV can usually contain up to 4 pages.

How To Create Resume Online From Mobile

If you want to create a resume in mobile, then we are telling you about a mobile friendly website, with the help of which you will be able to easily create a resume on your own mobile, inside this website you will find many Resume Formats, You can make your resume by downloading any photo as per your wish, the link of this website is, let’s know about it in detail-

You will find very easily by searching in Google. And when it opens the website, in the beginning you will get a few options, out of which you have to first select the format of your resume, the sample will be given below, then you have to click on the Resume Customized button,

Then a new page will open in front of you, in which you have to give your personal information like applicant’s name, father’s name, date of birth, home address, mobile number, e-mail, gender name, marriage status, etc.

Then how far you have studied below, you have to give their information, you have taken any course, enter it, if you have any degree related to computer then enter its information,

In which company you worked last time, or have done any work, small fat which is related to the job you are applying for now, give information about it, then submit it.

Then a sample of your resume will come in front of you, now you can print your resume, download it, if you have made your own mistake in the resume then you can edit it, you can also share the resume, To download the resume in jpg, click on the display resume image in front of you and keep it for a few seconds, then you will get the option to save.

Now you can get the print out of that resume from any Cyber ​​Cafe / e-Mitra, CSC Center.

How to make resume on computer

how to make resume in computer : By the way, there is a lot of software, some of which are automatic software, in which you just have to fill some information and then select the resume format, then after that the resume is downloaded Some similar software.

There are also those in which you have to create a resume yourself, such as MicroSoft Word, a very famous software, for creating a resume, this software is used to create most of the resume, it is very easy to create a resume in this software. Even a less educated person can easily create a resume in this software. (4 Resume Format this link) By clicking on this link, you can download the pre-prepared resume format for MS Word, then edit the resume with the name of the resume you want to create You can, in this way,

You can create resume from computer in few minutes, if you want to make online from computer without software then you can see below.


How To Make CV/Resume For Jobs Online Free Using Website

To create a resume for free through an online website, you can follow some of the steps given below, so that you will be able to create it online very easily by yourself.

To create a resume, you have to go to any one platform, for this you have to click on this link, to prepare resume online

As soon as you click on the given link, it is visible in front of you, now you have to proceed by choosing the format of your resume here. For this, select the resume format of your choice in “Choise Your Resume Format“, its preview will be mentioned below, if you like it, click on the Resume Customized button.

Such a form opens in front of you, now what you have to do, whatever information you are making here, you have to enter the information here, such as enter the full name of the applicant, enter his father’s name, Date of Birth Enter, Enter Full Address, Select Gender, Select Marital Status,

Enter Email ID, Enter Your Current Mobile Number, Enter the Language Knowledge you know, Here My Hobbies (Optional) Your Good Hobbies Enter, if not, you can leave blank, Enter Religion Name, Enter Nationality Name.

If you want to make a resume with photo, then you enter your photo, if you are making a resume without photo, then you do not select anything, in CARRIER OBJECTIVES you can write according to you, otherwise leave it as it is,

Academic Qualification Enter all your degree/certificate information here, such as 10th, 12th, B.A. B.Com. Enter M.A Any Other Degree Details, you can enlarge the table by clicking on + icon.

Enter your computer-related information here, if you know how to operate a computer, enter it, if you have a degree, then enter about it, if you do not know how to operate a computer, then you can leave this option blank.

For the job you are applying for now, if you know the work that will come in handy and have worked somewhere before, then you can give information about it, if you want, you can enter any work information,

If you are applying for the job for the first time then you can select the option of “I have No Work Experience”.

Then an option will open in front of you, in which you can enter I Have Fresher —OR—- I Have General Work Experience, or you can enter it according to you, if you enter the option information. If there is less to do then you can add and delete option.

If you have worked somewhere in the past, then enter the name of the work, How Many Month/Year, how long you worked, Location Name where you worked, Period Date from which year/month to which year/month Enter what worked till now, click on + icon for more options

If you have any such information that you want to fill in the resume but that option was not there anywhere in the entire resume, you can create the option yourself by clicking on the “Show For More Option” button, “Enter Item Heading Name”

In this, enter the name with which you want to create the option, such as – Professional Skills, Hobbies, Work Experience This name will be printed in the pdf of the resume, this is the head line, “Enter New Value Name” Enter the answer related to the headline. , you can enlarge if you read the option less

Then you click on the Submit Resume button, after filling all the information, if you do not fill any information, it will tell you that if you do not fill this information, then the form will not be submitted which will be the main information.

As you click on the submit button, your resume is ready in front of you, from here you can print your resume, download it on your system and print it on paper and send your resume to your interest.

You can share the link of the form, if you have filled something wrong while submitting the form, or if something is left to be filled, then you can edit it by clicking on the edit icon, again the form will open in front of you.

All the information will be pre-filled, which you had filled earlier, now you can do what you have to correct, and add

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