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PF Ka Balance Online Check Kaise Check Kare UAN Number Se

You need to know UAN number to check EPFO balance, you can find UAN number online like this. How you can check PF balance by UAN number by following the steps mentioned below.

Do you want to check EPFO balance, how can you know from UAN number. For this you have been given a few steps.

PF Balance Check Online with UAN Number ?

Do you want to check EPF balance then how can you check, for this purpose some steps have been given which you can do-

Step 1:- You can report EPFO ​​by clicking per?

Step 2:- You get to see some such interface. From here you click on the UAN number and password copy sign button.

Step 3:- Enter the UAN number by clicking on the UAN number.


Step 4:- Know Your UAN Per Click, You Can Know Your UAN Number.

Step 5:- After entering the UAN number, the password has to be entered.

Step 6:- If you do not know the password then you forgot your password? You can forget your password by clicking on it.

Step 7:- Enter UAN number and password, captcha like click on sign in button.

Step 8:- Here you get to see the total EPF total balance, this is your total PF balance till date.

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